Incorporation and offshore banking introduction specialists with more then
15 years experience. All major jurisdictions and account introduction at most respectable banks with Internet banking and cash cards.

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Who can benefit from our services?
Offshore professionals, entrepreneurs, Internet merchants, expatriates, private individuals seeking privacy and asset protection.

Why and how to go offshore?
The answer you will find in our e-book, offshore manuals and agreement forms for most cases and asset protection schemes with practical guidance from our experience.

Company formation in classic offshore jurisdictions (BVI, Belize, Seychelles, Panama, etc,...). Incorprate UK and Canada with full nominee services and company management.

Offshore private and corporate investment banking in AAA rated Liechtenstein banks, Snt. Vincent, Cyprus and Panama.  IBC and private account introduction with Latvian banks (EU) - internet banking and secured credit cards

Incorporation and banking agents:

Office: Dzirnavu street 42-14, Riga, Latvia, LV-1010
e-mail: vcardpro [at] vcardpro.com
Phone: +371 29132089 | +371 20231055
Fax.: +371 67286356

Incorporation services
Bank account introduction
Cash, ATM, debit, secured and virtual credit cards
Legal consultations, manuals and e-book
Corporate and signature seals and stamps
E-commerce solutions: merchant accounts, hosting
Other services: mail/fax forwarding,
Check deposits, virtual office.

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